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Panda Marble: What Should I Know Before Purchasing?

Written by Christopher Miller on June 07, 2019
Edited By Marble Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Featuring a white background with large, distinctive black stripes, panda marble can create a bold look within the home, whether it is used in the kitchen or bathroom.

The marble can only be found in China, so the supply is limited.

However, while panda marble may create the distinctive look you want for your countertops, there are many disadvantages to choosing marble for your home.

Due to the highly porous nature of the material, marble stains very easily. The damages are also difficult to fix, and you may need a professional to install a completely new countertop. If acidic substances, such as coffee or wine, are spilled on marble, the damage can be permanent.

While Chinese marble, including panda marble, may have high sales due to its lower cost, you should not have to sacrifice quality when purchasing such a large addition for your home.

In addition, a marble countertop in a high traffic area, such as a kitchen, will require extra care. Re-sealing as often as every three months is recommended, while a stone like granite needs to be re-sealed less often.

Granite comes from many places worldwide, including Brazil, Italy and India.

The stone’s hardness makes it one of the most durable surfaces you can install in your home, while also presenting an elegant look – making it a popular choice of many homeowners worldwide.


Granite has been used to create some of the world’s strongest and most recognizable structures, such as Mount Rushmore and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.

While originally used primarily in the homes of the wealthy, technological advancements in the early 1990s made it possible to quarry granite. Advancements in transportation also made it easier to move granite across the globe, making it accessible to middle class homes due to more affordable prices.

If you are looking for granite countertops, we have an extensive selection.

Unlike marble, a granite countertop will not be damaged by sharp kitchen knives – the material is so durable that it will actually dull a kitchen knife that is used on the surface.

A granite countertop will also not be damaged by heat, making the material ideal for a kitchen setting. Setting down a hot pan on its surface will not damage the countertop.

If you desire the panda marble look but don’t want the difficult maintenance, there is no need to be discouraged. A viable alternative to panda marble is copacabana granite.

Copacabana granite, much like panda marble, features a black and white striped pattern, with some variations that contain beige. The natural stone creates an elegant and distinctive look that is sure to please.

The material is suitable for both kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as for walls and flooring.

For a once-a-decade project, choosing granite instead of marble can ultimately lead to less homeowner frustration and money saved on repair costs.

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