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Granite Countertop Levels for Easy Buying Process

Written by Kyle Murray on April 09, 2019
Edited By Ross Kernez, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Table of Contents

Know What Drives the Costs

When renovating a kitchen, one of the major purchases’ homeowners make are countertops and while there are many choices available, granite remains one of the most popular materials on the market. Granite is durable, requires little maintenance, and is available in hundreds of colors and patterns. It’s found in few price points, or levels, which will vary from showroom to showroom. Granite levels are created to help guide the buying process for their potential clients and will often feature multiple stones per level to make the selection process smoother.


The price of granite is determined by two major factors: rarity of the stone and country of origin, subsequently these factors have the biggest impact on the price level the granite is placed in. Note that while granite comes in different price points the quality of stone is not determined by the price. We have created 5 base price levels, due to our extensive inventory, and while most of our materials are found within the 5 levels, while our vest selection of exotic granites is priced out on per project basis.

The Blues - Level 1

The most affordable part of our inventory can be found on your estimate labeled “Single Blue” and “Double Blue”. Granite found at this entry price level, is often consistent in pattern, however there are many colors to chose from, including beige, brown, green, grey and black.

Our favorite granites in the Blue price level include Santa Cecilia – a light beige stone with bursts of yellow, burgundy, gold and black. Ubatuba – elegant dark green background with speckles of gold, brown and black. White Fiorito – featuring black and brown speckling on a soft white slab base.

Because they are durable and versatile, these stone options can be used for any indoor or outdoor projects and are often favored by contractors in both residential and commercial application. The prices average between $32 and $45 dollars per square foot installed and slabs are available in 1.25” and 0.75” thickness.

The Silvers - Level 2

The sweet spot for most homeowners and design professionals can be found in our “Single Silver” and “Double Silver” price groups. At this level, you can find most of the colors available on the market, ranging from very light to absolute black. Slabs may have veining patterns, speckles or flecks, or be absolutely uniform, providing homeowners with hundreds of options to chose from.

Our staff’s top picks in this price level are: Colonial Gold – a fairly consistent stone with slight movement with beige, grey and white setting the tone. African Galaxy – a consistent black stone with small white specking throughout. And Kashmir White – a light grey stone with subtle veining of dark grey and beige, with burgundy speckle.

Stones in this price point are used in projects throughout the house, from kitchen countertops and islands, to vanity tops and jacuzzies, to fireplace surrounds and hearths. Slabs tend to vary between shipments, so it’s important to visit the stone yard to see which particular slab will be manufactured to fit your project needs. When purchasing stone in the “Silver” Price groups, prices range between $45 to $65 per square foot, installed.

The Gold – Level 3

If you’re looking to make a design statement, the stones in the Gold category are for you. While it’s the highest price group on your estimate, granite found in this category is truly unique, it may offer rare colors, striking veining patters or a combination of both. It could also be from an exotic location where only select granites are quarried in limited quantities.

In the Gold category you can find our top sellers such as Polar Ice – an exquisite granite with an off-white background and grey and brown veining. Titanium – a premier black stone with strong white veins and faint hints of gold. Atlantis – a light base granite with strong bursts of gold, orange and grey veining.

Granite in this price category is widely used in kitchens, as countertops or as signature pieces for islands. It can also be used on smaller vanities, tub surrounds, or around fireplaces. Gold price group granites are estimated at roughly $75 per square foot, however, as will all granite prices, cost very based on nature of the product.

 Exotic Granite – Level 4

This price category includes some of the most unique slabs in our inventory. Exotic granite is classified as granite that is naturally rare, with quarries producing limited quantities. Exotic granites typically come with a price tag of $100+ dollars per square foot and are used mostly by homeowners who want to make a bold statement in the house, it’s found on coffee tables, fireplaces, or accent pieces.


Some of the pieces in this price level include Labrador Bianca – a consistent white background scattered with black mica and large indigo clusters. Copacabana – one of a kind stone of wide and long veins running through the slab. Costa Esmeralda – a soft green granite with delicate white and grey veining.

Choosing the Right Level

Selecting the granite that best suits a project is often about finding the right balance between the cost of the stone and its appeal in the house. When looking through price levels consider factors such as, whether the granite will be the focal point of the room, as it might help to establish the budget for the project. Granite is a premier countertop material available for consumers today, and any stone selected will be a great addition to the house.

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