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Exotic Slabs on Slab Market

Written by Stephen Baez on February 02, 2018
Edited By Christopher Miller, Last Updated On January 01, 2024
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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If your countertop shop is looking for exotic and rare natural stones for its stockyard, but is struggling to find trusted sources, then Slab Market has the solution. Thanks to our partnership with, the world’s largest fabricator of natural stone countertops, Slab Market has exclusive access to quarries that produce beautiful varieties of exotic stones, such as gemstone, travertine, onyx, and more.

Wholesale Gemstone Slabs Online

Gemstone is one of the most exotic and exclusive natural stones in the world. Gemstone’s unique, eye-catching appearance can be the focal point of any room and will add equity to a home or business. Because of this, it’s a great material for countertop shops to stock. Doing so will surely help your business to rise above your local competitors. Despite its delicate look, the gemstone is a durable material, which is another great reason why it should be in any elite countertops shop’s natural stone selection. It is both heat and stain resistant, similar to granite slabs. Certain types of gemstone are also translucent and can be backlit, which creates an extraordinary appearance.

Exotic Onyx Countertop Slabs

If you’d like another exotic stone option to gemstone that has a similar look, then Onyx slabs are something that should surely be in your inventory as well. Onyx has a comparable exotic, rare aesthetic that delivers a “wow” factor to any home renovation project. Just as with gemstone, some types of Onyx are also translucent when cut to a certain thickness. It can be used for anything from a bar countertop to a vanity top, butler’s pantry, wall surface, flooring, or even just as a decorative accent piece. It’s a great material to carry as a part of your stockyard’s collection.


Travertine & Limestone Slabs on Slab Market

Travertine is another beautiful, exotic stone that can add style to any home. A stone, such as Travertine Giallo, which is golden brown with wonderful layered textures and veining delivers an elegant look like a vanity top. Travertine can also be used a backsplash, hot tub surround, or shower wall. It’s a stylish material that can sometimes be difficult for countertop shops to acquire, however, through Slab Market, it’s easier than ever.

Limestone is another fantastic countertop material that can be used for a variety of home applications. It has an attractive “beachy” appeal because of the aquatic fossils that are embedded in it. It is well-suited for the same applications as Travertine, such as bath surrounds, vanity, and wash stations.

Exotic Stone Slabs on Slab Market

If you would like to check out some other types of exotic stones, visit the Slabs section on Slab Market, where you can easily browse through our inventory from the comfort of your office. After finding some stones that you like, we’ll be able to create a container for you, handle all of the paperwork with the quarry, and have it shipped directly to your shop. Thanks to partnering with, Slab Market supplies stones from the leading quarries from around the world. Buying natural stone slabs online through us is easy and simple. Don’t stress yourself by traveling long distances to quarries or getting caught up with convoluted conversations with quarry managers. When you want to order wholesale exotic natural stone slabs online, trust Slab Market.



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