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Cost of Cultured Granite Vanity Tops: How Much Do They Cost?

Written by Kyle Murray on August 19, 2019
Edited By Angela Warren, Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Many homeowners are drawn to the look of granite countertops. However, some do not want to install regular granite and choose to go with cultured granite instead. A cultured granite vanity top will bring enhanced visual appeal to your bathroom. A stunning bathroom vanity can truly complete the room. Find out more about what cultured granite is and how much it costs by reviewing this guide. 

What is Cultured Granite? 

Cultured granite is a manufactured surface that is made to replicate the look of granite. The major appeal of cultured granite is a benefit you will get with engineered stone – it is non-porous. This means that you will not have to worry about sealing, as you would with regular granite countertops. 

What Advantages Are There to Cultured Granite Vanity Tops? 

Other than being non-porous, you will essentially be able to have your cultured granite vanity top customized because it is engineered stone. The appearance of cultured granite is more uniform and consistent than that of the natural stone. 


What Disadvantages Are There to Cultured Granite Vanity Tops? 

There are some disadvantages to cultured granite countertops. Many homeowners find that, despite being a replica, there is no true replacement for the appearance of natural granite. In addition, these countertops are not scratch resistant, so you will need to exercise some caution. 

How Much Do Cultured Granite Vanity Tops Cost? 

The cost of cultured granite vanity tops will be impacted by several factors. These factors include: 

  • How much of the material you need 

  • Where you live 

  • What type you choose 

Below is a table that should give you a good idea of what you should expect to pay for your new cultured granite vanity top. 

Cost of Cultured Granite Vanity Tops
  Low-end Mid-range High-end
Cultured granite (material) $30-35 per square foot $40 per square foot $45-50 per square foot
Installation $5 per square foot $6 per square foot $7 per square foot
Total Cost $35-40 per square foot $46 per square foot $52-57 per square foot

Keep in mind that the prices above are within the general range that you should expect to pay per square foot. The aforementioned factors can raise or lower the prices displayed in the table. 

National Average


(30 sq.ft. of moderate countertop with eased edge, undermount sink, and no backsplash)

Low: $2,000
Medium: $4,000
High: $6,000+

Cost to install kitchen countertops varies greatly by region (and even by zip code). Get free estimates from countertop installers in your city.

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