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Cost of Caesarstone Countertops: Prices, Comparisons and Additional Information

Written by Amanda Kaiser on August 07, 2019
Edited By Tomasz Rydwelski, Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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Caesarstone countertops are a popular choice in today’s market. This is mostly due to the material’s beauty and easy maintenance. This guide will cover cost and everything else you will need to know before purchasing a Caesarstone countertop. 

What Are Caesarstone Countertops? 

Caesarstone countertops are made of engineered stone. The surfaces are manufactured using roughly 93 percent quartz, with the other 7 percent being resins and pigments. Caesarstone itself is one of the top quartz countertop manufacturers on the market. The company engineers most of its countertops in Israel. The countertops are some of the toughest you can choose, which can be helpful if you are looking to install new countertops in a high traffic area of the home. 


How Much Do Caesarstone Countertops Cost? 

The cost of your new Caesarstone countertop will depend on various factors. Some of these factors include: 

  • Countertop grade 

  • How much of the material you require for your countertop 

  • What color you choose 

  • What type of edge profile you choose 

  • What type of finish you choose 

In general, Caesarstone countertops will cost in these ranges: 


Low-end $40-50 per square foot, installed 
Mid-range $50-80 per square foot, installed
High-end $80-100 per square foot, installed

Of course, these prices can be influenced by the following factors. 

Countertop Grade 

Caesarstone countertops are ranked by levels. Homeowners typically choose from levels one through five, five being the most expensive. In each level, there are specific letter grades assigned to different countertops. 

How Much Material Will You Need? 

The more stone you require for your countertop, the higher the cost will be. Caesarstone is somewhat pricey, so if you require a large countertop, be prepared to pay. That said, the benefits of the countertop can make the cost well worth it. 

What Color You Choose 

The color you choose can also impact the cost of Caesarstone countertops. There are many colors and patterns for you to choose from, whether you are looking for something that is more uniform or something that is flashy. 

Edge Profiles 

Another factor that you should keep in mind regarding Caesarstone countertop cost is edge profiles. The more complicated edge you choose, the more you will have to pay for your new countertop. 


Caesarstone countertops come with three different surface finish options – honed, polished and textured. Honed will give your countertop a matte look and does not reflect light. Polished will give your countertop a distinctive shine. Textured will provide both an interesting look and feel to the countertop. Out of all the factors, finishes will have the least impact on the overall cost. 

How Does the Cost of Caesarstone Compare to the Cost of Other Options? 

The cost of Caesarstone generally prices the material somewhere in the middle of a list of countertop materials. Here is how the price of Caesarstone compares to other top options on the market. 

Cost Comparison

Granite Between $35-75 per square foot 
Marble Between $40-100 per square foot
Caesarstone Between $40-100 per square foot 
Quartz Between $50-120 per square foot

Between $50-200 per square foot

Soapstone Between $55-100 per square foot
Limestone Between $70-200 per square foot
Onyx Between $75-250 per square foot

Start around $100 per square foot

Advantages and Disadvantages of Caesarstone Countertops 

There are positive and negative qualities associated with having Caesarstone countertops. Below is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of Caesarstone countertops. 


  • Strong Surface 

  • Easy Maintenance 

  • No Sealing Required 

  • Moisture Resistant 

  • Stain Resistant 

  • Scratch Resistant 

  • Mold Resistant 

  • High Resale Value 


Strong Surface 

One of the primary benefits that Caesarstone countertops offer are incredible strength. While not indestructible, it will essentially be as close as you can get for a countertop. These countertops can withstand many of the challenges that would cause damage to countertops that are not as strong. 

Easy Maintenance 

Caesarstone is one of the easiest countertop surfaces to maintain. It does not require any sealing and all you will need to clean the surface is soap and water. 

No Sealing Required 

The majority of natural stone countertops require re-sealing. Some require re-sealing more often than others, but almost all types of natural stone will have to be re-sealed at some point. On the other hand, because Caesarstone countertops are engineered, they are non-porous and do not need to be sealed. This convenience could make Caesarstone an ideal choice for you, especially if you do not want a countertop that requires a lot of maintenance. 

Moisture Resistant 

Caesarstone countertops are resistant to moisture, which can be helpful in either kitchens or bathrooms. 

Stain Resistant 

A benefit that will be particularly helpful in the kitchen is that Caesarstone countertops are stain resistant. 

Scratch Resistant 

Caesarstone countertops are also scratch resistant; another factor that can be especially helpful if installed in the kitchen. 

Mold Resistant 

As if the surfaces weren’t resistant to enough hazards, Caesarstone countertops are also mold resistant. This can make it an ideal surface for a bathroom countertop. 

High Resale Value 

Despite not being natural stone, Caesarstone countertops have a high resale value. The countertops are very attractive to prospective buyers, due to both the high-quality looks and easy maintenance. 


  • Cost 

  • Not Heat Resistant 

  • Do Not Hold ‘Classic’ Appeal of Natural Stone 


Caesarstone countertops are not cheap. While not as expensive as some countertop options, you will have to pay a good amount for these countertops, depending on what specific type you choose. However, the benefits that Caesarstone countertops can offer you can make you have no regrets about purchasing them for your home. Since you will likely only have to install new countertops in your house once, you want to make sure you choose something that is suitable for you, regardless of the cost.   

Not Heat Resistant 

One of the major downfalls of Caesarstone, and all other brands of quartz, is that the countertops are not heat resistant. Be sure that you do not set down any hot pots or pans from the stove, or hot hair tools from the bathroom, on the surface. If you do expose the surface to extreme heat, the resin will begin to melt, and the countertop will sustain a permanent burn mark. 

Do Not Hold ‘Classic’ Appeal of Natural Stone 

Natural stone always has the appeal of being the classic choice for countertops. While Caesarstone comes in styles that replicate natural stone, there is never any true look of natural stone unless you get the real thing. 

Installation of Caesarstone Countertops 

Caesarstone countertops are extremely heavy. You should never attempt to install your new Caesarstone countertops on your own. Hiring a professional will increase the likelihood that the new countertops are installed properly and do not incur any damages. In addition, having a professional install the countertops will ensure that you do not get injured trying to install them yourself. In the rare instance that any damage does occur, you will not need to pay the replacement cost if you hire a professional. 

Where Will Caesarstone Countertops Work Best in the House? 

Caesarstone can work well almost anywhere in the house. With the vast array of styles available, you can surely find something that fits the décor of the room. However, you will need to exercise particular caution in certain rooms. In the kitchen, make sure that you never set down any hot pots, pans or plates on the countertop. Similarly, in the bathroom, do not set down any hot hair tools on the surface. If your Caesarstone countertop receives burn damages, there is nothing you can do to fix it. 

One area of the home where you should not install a Caesarstone, or any other type of quartz countertop, is outdoors. If you are looking for a stylish countertop for your outdoor patio area, you should stay away from quartz. A quartz countertop will not be able to handle the elements of being outdoors, while some types of natural stone can. 

How Does Caesarstone Compare to Other Top Quartz Brands? 

Now that you know all about Caesarstone countertops, you may be wondering how the material compares to other top brands of quartz. Two other popular brands of quartz are Silestone and Cambria. The following is a comparison of the three different brands. 


How Does Caesarstone Compare to Silestone? 

While there are many similarities between the two brands of quartz, there are some differences. Silestone is one of the top brands of quartz on the market and is manufactured by Cosentino in Spain. Silestone countertops also come in many different styles, including styles that replicate the look of natural stone. However, one aspect that sets apart Silestone from the competition in the quartz market is the additional protection against bacteria that is standard in the company’s countertop surfaces. 

How Does Caesarstone Compare to Cambria? 

Cambria offers products that are very similar to Caesarstone. However, as there are with each brand of any product, there are some differences between the two quartz countertop companies. Cambria is another one of the top quartz brands that you will find. The company is based in Minnesota and does all its manufacturing at the plant located there. This separates Cambria from other brands of quartz, as all of your other options, including Caesarstone and Silestone, are imported. One factor that plays in Cambria’s favor is being environmentally friendly. The company recycles both water and scrap items. In addition, because Cambria is not imported, it cuts down on air pollution caused by transportation. 

How Does Caesarstone Compare to Granite? 

You will find that the natural stone Caesarstone is compared to the most is granite. Granite is a stylish and durable natural stone that offers many benefits when used for a countertop. Like quartz, granite comes in many different colors. However, the primary difference is that these colors, as well as the flecks and swirls that exist in various types, are all natural. While quartz can mimic this look, it can never truly match the visual appeal of natural stone like granite. Granite tends to be a top choice amongst homeowners who are looking for a countertop material that is both beautiful and tough. One advantage that granite has over Caesarstone, and all other brands of quartz, is heat resistance. The natural stone is known for this quality, which makes it an especially smart choice for kitchens. 

If you do not want the maintenance required by natural stone, choosing Caesarstone countertops could be the way to go. The countertops are stylish, easy to maintain and are generally priced in a comparable range to a stone like marble. Because there are so many colors and styles available, you will be able to find a countertop that matches the décor of any room you are looking to install it in. If you have your heart set on installing quartz countertops, Caesarstone is one of the top brands that you will be able to find.

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