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Choosing Quartz Countertop Color For White Cabinets

Written by 3923 on March 30, 2022
Edited By Ross Kernez, Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Kyle Murray
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The visual aesthetic of your white cabinets highly depends on the color of your countertops. This is especially true if you’re using quartz for your countertops. By understanding the color palettes that can intrigue the white off your cabinets, you’ll be able to finalize which quartz color to add into your kitchen or bathroom.

Many varying factors can determine your countertop colors since the white cabinetry will bring rich and vibrant aftertones along with the color you choose for your countertops. Quartz has its own properties that make it so perceptible to homeowners. However, due to it having its own benefits and advantages, so many people still covet quartz as an addition to this day.

The Qualities Comparing Quartz With Other Stones

Unlike the properties of granite and concrete, there are less likely chances that quartz will crack or chip. Although all three have very similar durability, you will find that the hardness of quartz is not as prominent. Homeowners will opt for quartz because of the depth that the finish provides, it is one that cannot be replicated. 

Another reason as to why quartz is such an enticing stone option is because of its resistance to staining. It is quite the choice for preventing discoloration. Finding a specific color to pair well with the white cabinets will essentially be without any concerns for homeowners on a long term basis. Homeowners should remember that quartz does not have as much resistance to heat. These factors will ultimately affect the cost of the quartz.


Rule Of Thumb For Cabinetry

As a general rule of thumb for homeowners, although you may have already figured out the color of your cabinets, you need to know the profile and the style of those doors. Knowing what the aesthetic of your kitchen or bathroom is going to be helps bring all of your implied elements together. Knowing what the end goal will be helpful for when you decide which of the traditional and the modern elements you want to integrate.

No matter what kind of color you might be looking for, there are so many different kinds of quartz to choose from. Even with a selection of palettes, you’ll have hundreds that you can compare with one another. Essentially, homeowners might prefer one color over another, but even with this in mind, there are so many different kinds of quartz in that specific color’s category, you may have hundreds in the inventory to consider.


Which Colors Will Highlight White Undertones

By identifying the palettes you originally had in mind, you can begin to think about the many transformations that your project will ultimately include. White cabinetry can go great with warm colors. Quartz can come in every color, which is why homeowners love the adaptability of the material. If you’re seriously considering the warmer color scheme, you should think about finding quartz with cream, beige, brown, yellow, or pink pigments.

Cream helps enhance the visibility of your cabinets. The white truly does compliment the cream tones of your quartz. This can also work for your beige countertop since the hues can dramatically impact your spaces. You should also consider the dramatic effects of your countertop’s veins and patterns and how this will impact your kitchen or bathroom. 

Darker colors like brown, can really sharpen the focus on the white cabinets. If you want your guests to centralize their focal point on your cabinetry, brown quartz is what you should select. Depending on your frivolity over the more pleasant colors which would be yellow or pink, you can see the excitement and joy that these colors will accumulate within your spaces. You should figure out whether light or dark countertops would work, and what is right for you.


Changing The Color Of Your Quartz Countertop

Although the quartz can come in one color, you actually have the option of painting the countertop another color at a later date. Whether you’re renovating your spaces or whether you’re just looking to change the color of your quartz countertop, you have the choice to redo the color of your quartz by just using simple paint. 

However, homeowners should know how difficult it is to change the color of quartz. In fact, quartz does not hold the paint well after being applied. If you decide to have your quartz painted, you should know that the paint can actually last for several years, so long as you keep it in good condition. Homeowners should also keep in mind that if any damages were to occur for the paint, they’d only be able to cover it up, due to the process it takes to refresh the painted layer.

It is ill-advised to perform this project on your own. Having a professional to do this for you would be a more reasonable approach in reconfiguring your quartz. Since this job requires several tools, equipment, and materials, you should carefully consider the professional that will assist you. This is an alternative approach to match the white cabinets that you installed instead of having to completely replace your countertop. 

The progression of this project begins by cleaning and sanding the surface lightly. Once the surface is smooth and clean, the quartz can be painted with a spray paint of your choosing. Again, since white cabinets can essentially match any of the color options for your quartz countertop, it will be arranged accordingly. Once the countertop is spray painted, another light sanding needs to be done before a clear polyurethane coating is applied.    


Focusing On The Elements Of Your Spaces

Knowing which colors will match with your white cabinets may actually be only half the battle, considering whether these hues will go with your backsplash and sink profiles. Those that have a keen eye will be able to determine all the elements of the cooking and washing space and how each of those elements can connect with one another. Quartz may not be your first choice, and you might want granite countertops to install with your white cabinets, here are some kitchen countertop ideas.

Although you can think about what color to choose for your quartz by focusing on just one of these elements, you can revolve them all by using our visualizer. Our users can find all the different customizations and figure out which color of quartz countertops will go perfectly with the white cabinets. You can find a virtual room that resembles your own space and rearrange all your desired appliances the way you want to visualize them.


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