Carrara, Italy: The City of Marble

Written by Christopher Miller on September 03, 2019 REVIEWED BY Samantha Peterson

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Situated in the Apuan Alps in north central Italy, Carrara is a city that is home to some of the world’s finest marble. Carrara marble has long been a desirable building material because of its natural beauty. 

Where is the City of Carrara Located? 

The city of Carrara is located in the Italian province of Massa-Carrara and in the region of Tuscany in north central Italy, in the foothills of the Apuan Alps. The region is famous for producing some of the most beautiful and sought-after marble in the world. It is the many marble quarries in the area that attract so many tourists to the city. 

What is Carrara Marble? 

Carrara Marble is one of the most famous types of marble, and natural stone for that matter, in the world. This elegant stone has been used for centuries and has been the building material for everything from Michelangelo’s famous statue, David, to marble countertops in homes. There are different types of Carrara Marble and the stone can vary in color from white with grey veining to some types with a grey base and darker grey veining. 


What Different Types of Carrara Marble Are There? 

As mentioned, there are a few different types of Carrara Marble. Regardless of the type, the natural stone has long been one of the most popular materials for home remodeling projects. Many homeowners love the idea of installing Carrara Marble countertops, and for good reason. Below is an analysis of the different types of Carrara Marble. 

Types of Carrara Marble
White Carrara Marble
Carrara Silver Marble
Carrara White Venatino Marble

White Carrara Marble 

White Carrara Marble is a gorgeous natural stone that features a consistent white background with grey veining. When used as a countertop or otherwise installed in the home, this stone can bring a touch of elegance to your space in a way that no other stone can. 

Carrara Silver Marble 

Carrara Silver Marble is another beautiful type of Carrara Marble. This stone is a little bit darker than White Carrara Marble, and features more grey throughout the slab, including darker grey veining. 

Carrara White Venatino Marble 

Carrara White Venatino Marble can be thought of as the middle ground between White Carrara Marble and Carrara Silver Marble in terms of appearance. This stunning natural stone is white and gray and features elegant grey veining. 

Carrara, Italy produces some of the finest natural stone that you will be able to find. Luckily, this natural stone can find its way into your home in the form of a countertop or other structure. If you are like many homeowners and fall in love with the beauty of Carrara Marble, you have this city in north central Italy to thank. 

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