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Black Granite: What It Is, Pros and Cons and Popular Styles

Written by Ross Kernez on July 11, 2019
Edited By Amanda Kaiser, Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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When looking through different types of granite to use for your new countertop, you may have come across the various types of black granite. Black granite is truly an elegant and attention-grabbing natural stone that will be a significant upgrade to your home. 

So what exactly is black granite, and why should you think about buying it? 


What is Black Granite? 

The category of black granite includes stone that is both granite and other similar materials. These similar stones can include basalt, gabbro and diabese, as well as many others. Despite being different types of stone, each share very similar characteristics to granite, and because of that, they are labeled as black granite. 

When considering black granite, you should make note of the pros and cons associated with the material. These include: 

Stain Resistance 


Keep Up on Cleaning 

Pros of Black Granite 


Variations of black granite are all very stylish and can fit in well with virtually any color of cabinets and walls. 

Stain Resistance 

One of the major advantages that black granite will offer you, and any type of granite for that matter, is stain resistance. If the stone is properly sealed, you should have no problems with staining. This can be especially helpful if you utilize the material for your kitchen countertops. 

Cons of Black Granite 


As with any kind of natural stone, black granite will come at a cost. However, these prices are not as prohibitive as some other stones. Black granite that is rarer will cost more money. Additional factors such as how much of the material you need will also determine the price. 

Keep Up on Cleaning 

Some types of black granite are more prone to showing fingerprints and dust than others. All you need to do is clean your black granite and this will be no issue. 

Popular Styles of Black Granite

Black granite comes in a lovely array of styles that will be a major improvement regardless of where you use the stone in your house. This guide will give you some information about many of the popular types of black granite. 30 popular types of black granite include: 

  • Black Galaxy 

  • Cosmic Black 

  • Altair 

  • Black Antique 

  • Ubatuba 

  • African Galaxy 

  • Orion 

  • Negresco 

  • Absolute Black 

  • Black Pearl 

  • Black Fusion 

  • Matrix 

  • Angola Silver 

  • Black Impala 

  • Black Mist 

  • San Gabriel 

  • Marinace 

  • Viking Black 

  • Atlantic Black 

  • Via Lactea 

  • Titanium Black 

  • Sedna 

  • Black Sun 

  • Jet Mist 

  • Cheyenne 

  • Azteca 

  • Black Thulu 

  • Kosmus 

  • Porto Rosa 

  • Magma Black 

Black Galaxy granite 

Black Galaxy granite is quarried in India. The stone is a very consistent solid black color with copper-colored flakes throughout. The beautiful material is reminiscent of a starry night sky. 

Cosmic Black granite 

Cosmic Black granite is from Brazil. The stone is black with inconsistent patterns of white, amber and burgundy throughout. It is an ideal material to use for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and more. 

Altair granite 

Altair granite is a beautiful exotic natural stone that has a black base and thick veins throughout the slab. The veins are orange, gold and red. You cannot go wrong by choosing this bold and elegant stone. 

Black Antique granite 

Black Antique granite is quarried in Angola. This incredible yet subtle stone will look impressive anywhere you implement it. 

Ubatuba granite 

Ubatuba granite comes from Brazil. It is one of the most popular types of all granite, not just black granite. Ubatuba is an elegant stone that is very dark green but has hints of both white and black. The stone also has speckles that are gold, brown and green. Ubatuba will fit in well with a variety of color schemes. 

African Galaxy granite 

African Galaxy granite is a stunning black stone from Zimbabwe. The natural stone features silver flecks throughout the slab. A major benefit of African Galaxy granite is that it is recommended for use either indoors or outdoors. 

Orion granite 

Orion granite is quarried in Brazil. This very dark granite features waves of brown, beige and amber along with little specks of silver throughout the slab. The slab also has some small brown circles. Orion will fit in nicely anywhere you use it, whether that is indoors or outdoors. 

Negresco granite 

Also known as Nero Mist, Negresco granite is quarried in Brazil. The stone is black with smoky white veins throughout. It has the appearance of a nice suede finish. This stone is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. 

Absolute Black granite 

Quarried in India, Absolute Black granite is a simple yet attention-grabbing natural stone that is extremely popular with homeowners. The stone’s simple black color makes for a stylish countertop or vanity. 

Black Pearl granite 

Black Pearl granite is from India. The stone is consistent in color and has a very versatile style. Its deep, rich colors can manage to match with almost any design around it.  

Black Fusion granite 

Black Fusion granite is a beautiful natural stone that comes from Brazil. The stone has a black background and features golden veining and white speckling throughout.  

Matrix granite 

Matrix granite is a visually pleasing natural stone that is quarried in Brazil. Black swirling veins work their way across the gorgeous gray background. The color scheme of matrix granite makes it very easy to successfully incorporate it into a multitude of home designs. 

Angola Silver granite 

As its name implies, Angola Silver granite is quarried in Angola. It is a consistent black granite with silver speckles throughout. The stone will be a good fit virtually anywhere in the house.  

Black Impala granite 

Black Impala granite is quarried in South Africa. The stone is black with subtle hues of silver. It is suitable for use in nearly any home renovation project.   

Black Mist granite 

Black Mist granite is a stunning natural stone that is quarried in Brazil. The stone is black and has speckles and subtle hints of green throughout.  

San Gabriel granite 

San Gabriel granite is a solid and consistent black stone that comes from Brazil. The stone features small white speckles throughout the slab. It will fit into many different design schemes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.  

Marinace granite 

Marinace granite is quarried in Brazil. The stone has a very busy composition and features a dark base color with embedded stones that are black, pink, gray, red, green and blue. Marinace is both attractive and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.   

Viking Black granite 

Viking Black granite is a unique natural stone that is black and gray and has swirls and veins all throughout the slab. It truly displays a one-of-a-kind look and will also work well anywhere you use it throughout the house. 

Atlantic Black granite 

Atlantic Black granite is quarried in Italy. The stone is consistent in style and has a black background with light gray speckles throughout the slab. It is a great material to use for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities or various other structures throughout the home. 

Via Lactea granite 

Via Lactea granite is from Brazil. The elegant natural stone is a gray-black color and features chalky white veins throughout the slab. This stone makes a nice statement, especially when it is used for a kitchen countertop. 

Titanium Black granite 

Titanium Black granite is quarried in Brazil. The stone has a dramatic look and features significant veining that is black, dark gray, white and beige. This stone will surely make a statement wherever you decide to use it. 

Sedna granite 

Sedna granite is a unique and stunning natural stone with large amounts of veining. The veins in this stone are deep gray, black and orange-brown. Sedna also has slight hints of burgundy present. It is suitable for use in many different areas of the house. 

Black Sun granite 

Black Sun granite is from Brazil. The stone is consistent in its black color and features light flecks of gray throughout the slab. Black Sun is a good fit for any kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity or virtually any other application. 

Jet Mist granite 

Jet Mist granite is from the United States. The beautiful stone is dark gray in color with fine white speckling and veining. Jet Mist can work well anywhere in the house. 

Cheyenne granite 

Cheyenne granite is an elegant and stylish natural stone that is black with white veining. If you are looking to make a good impression, Cheyenne will help you do just that. The stone fits in well anywhere that you use it and will instantly become the focal point of the room.  

Azteca granite 

Azteca granite is an interesting and eye-catching natural stone that is quarried in Brazil. The stone features distinctive speckles of brown, gray, gold and black. Azteca will work well as a kitchen or outdoor countertop, bathroom vanity or any range of other applications in the home.  

Black Thulu granite 

Black Thulu granite is a beautiful and intricate natural stone that features attractive white and gold veins on a black base. This stone would be a perfect fit, and an attention-grabber, anywhere that you put it. 

Kosmus granite 

Kosmus granite is quarried in Brazil. The stone features many different colors, including black, gold and gray. In addition, the stone’s color is made up of a blend of taupe and light brown with dark brown veins and specks. This granite will fit in well wherever you choose to install it. 

Porto Rosa granite 

Porto Rosa is an absolutely stunning black granite that features distinctive pink veins running consistently across the slab. 

Magma Black granite 

Magma Black granite is a breathtaking natural stone that is quarried in Brazil. It has a black background with patches and veins of gold, yellow, orange and brown running through the slab. This stone will be sure to grab attention anywhere that you use it in your home. 


What Types of Finishes Are There for Black Granite? 

How your new black granite looks will depend a lot on whether it is honed or polished. This guide will explain just what each means and the impacts each have on the appearance and maintenance of the stone. 

Honed finish 

A honed finish will leave your black granite with a matte or satin appearance, rather than one that is shiny. While most black granite is polished, honed black granite has visual appeal as well. The material will be smooth to the touch. As for maintenance implications, honed granite is more porous and therefore more vulnerable to stains. Because the surface will be more porous, you will have to reseal it more often to keep it in good shape. It is recommended that you reseal your honed black granite several times a year. But as long as you be careful with it and keep it clean, your honed black granite can look amazing. Something to note is that having a honed finish will actually cost more than a polished finish, so be prepared. If you are a fan of subtle textures and colors, a honed finish will be a good option for you. 

Polished finish

A polished finish is more typical for black granite surfaces. The polished finish will give your countertop a shine to it. A polished finish will also enhance the shine of any specks or crystals that are embedded in the surface. An added benefit of having a polished finish is that it helps to seal up some of the pores in the stone, meaning you will not have to reseal it as often as you would with a honed finish. This also makes the stone both stain resistant and easier to clean. A polished finish will stand up to more wear and tear, which makes it a good choice for something like a kitchen countertop. As long as it is properly sealed, you should have almost no problems with your polished black granite. 

How Much Does Black Granite Cost? 

Costs of black granite will vary significantly. Different types of black granite can cost anywhere from $25 to $70 per sqaure foot. To get a better idea of what the price of black granite may be, has an Estimator Tool that you can use. 


Choosing black granite will allow you to make a statement with your home remodeling project. The natural stone is among the most beautiful materials that you can use. In addition, there are plenty of options to pick from. Granite is a durable and elegant material, and you truly cannot go wrong when implementing it in your house.

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