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Bathroom Backsplash Ideas: What Are Your Best Options?

Written by Amanda Kaiser on August 29, 2019
Edited By Cabrini Rudnicki, Last Updated On February 28, 2023
Reviewed By Samantha Peterson
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If you are looking to add a touch of beauty to your bathroom to complete a remodeling project, installing a backsplash can help you do just that. While you may know the functional purpose of a backsplash – to protect walls from stains and moisture, backsplashes can bring incredible style to your space as well. There are many materials that you can choose for your new bathroom backsplash, from natural stone options to tile. The following options are just some of the many great backsplash ideas that you will find. 

Why Should You Install a Bathroom Backsplash? 

If you are looking to add visual appeal to the wall space behind your bathroom countertop, adding a backsplash is a great idea. Between protecting your walls from moisture to visually enhancing the look of your bathroom, there are many reasons why installing a bathroom backsplash is beneficial to the home. 

Reasons to Install a Bathroom Backsplash
Enhanced the look of your bathroom walls
Protect your bathroom walls from moisture


What Are Your Natural Stone Options for Bathroom Backsplashes? 

If you have narrowed down your bathroom backsplash choice to natural stone options, you will have plenty to choose from. A natural stone backsplash works particularly well when you pair it with a natural stone countertop. Some natural stone options you will have are further analyzed below. 


Granite is one of the most popular natural stone options, both for countertops and for backsplashes. It is beautiful, durable and will fit in well with many different bathroom styles. The following four types of granite will look great for bathroom backsplashes. 

Santa Cecilia Granite 

Santa Cecilia Granite is one of the most popular natural stones in the world. It is often used in homes as kitchen or bathroom countertops but looks amazing when it is also used for backsplashes. The stone is known for its consistent pattern, as well as its mix of yellow, grey, black and burgundy shades. If you are looking to bring a touch of light to your bathroom backsplash, choosing Santa Cecilia Granite is sure to please. 

Absolute Black Granite 

If you are looking for a darker natural stone, Absolute Black granite may be what you are looking for. This natural stone is black in color and is known for its simple, yet elegant style. It can be used anywhere in the home, from kitchen and bathroom countertops to, of course, backsplashes. Absolute Black Granite is a subtle way to add some natural beauty to your bathroom in the form of a backsplash. 

Alaska White Granite 

Alaska White Granite is a beautiful light-colored stone that will freshen up the design of your bathroom. The stone features a white background with black and grey veins. Alaska White Granite exudes pure beauty – making it the perfect choice for a new granite bathroom backsplash. 

Ubatuba Granite 

Much like Santa Cecilia Granite, Ubatuba Granite is one of the most popular natural stones in the world. It is frequently used in many home remodeling projects. The stone is a gorgeous dark green color and features consistent gold, brown and green speckles. Ubatuba Granite will look great anywhere you install it in your house but will especially add a stylish touch to your home when utilized as a bathroom backsplash. 



Marble is another of the most popular options for natural stone. The material has been used for centuries to build anything from countertops in the home to some of the world’s most famous statues. Many homeowners strive to incorporate this beautiful natural stone into their homes. Here are four types of marble that will look great as a bathroom backsplash. 

White Carrara Marble 

White Carrara Marble is one of the most popular types of marble. It is used in many home remodeling projects and is beloved by homeowners for its simple yet beautiful appearance. The stone is light in color and features beautiful dark grey veining. It is an ideal choice for a bathroom backsplash. 

Brown Fantasy Marble 

Brown Fantasy Marble is an elegant natural stone that has white, brown and grey veins throughout the slab that accompany black spots. The stone will look great anywhere you install it in the house and can add an interesting touch of beauty to your bathroom backsplash. 

Nero Marquina Marble 

If you are looking for a darker marble that will look great as a bathroom backsplash, consider Nero Marquina Marble. This stylish natural stone is black with patches of white throughout. 

Spanish Gold Marble 

Perhaps you do not want to go with a white or black marble. If this is the case, you can add a subtle yet gorgeous hint of color to your bathroom by using Spanish Gold Marble for your new backsplash. This gold marble features beautiful veining that can surely turn your bathroom backsplash into a focal point of your home. 

What Are Your Additional Options? 

Natural stone is not the only option that you have for a bathroom backsplash. Below are various other popular and stylish choices on the market. 


Quartz is an engineered stone that is created by combining roughly 90 percent quartz mineral with around 10 percent polymer resin. These specific numbers can vary based upon brands, but all quartz will be around those percentages. The following are three options you have for quartz bathroom backsplashes. 

White Quartz 

White Quartz is a beautiful light-colored stone that will visually enhance any room you put it in. This makes it an ideal choice for a gorgeous new bathroom backsplash. 

Vena Statuario Bianco Quartz 

Vena Statuario Bianco Quartz is a beautiful white quartz that can imitate the look of marble while offering the advantage of easier care. This stone will surely impress as a backsplash in your bathroom. 

River Bed 680 Quantra Quartz 

River Bed 680 Quantra Quartz is a beautiful quartz that has a similar appearance to granite. This grey and black stone will surely make your bathroom more stylish. 

Tile Backsplash Options 

Tile is very commonly used for backsplashes, especially in bathrooms. Below are various types of tile that you can choose from for a new tile backsplash. 

Subway Tile 

One of the most common backsplash styles that you will find is subway tile. These tiles come in a wide range of colors and are a classic choice for a backsplash, especially a bathroom backsplash. 

Ceramic Tile 

One of the other most common options for bathroom backsplashes is ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles also come in a range of colors, and you can find many patterns to choose from. 

Slate Tile 

Slate is a beautiful darker toned natural stone. For backsplashes, slate tiles are often used. These tiles come in various shades of grey that will surely be a visual upgrade for your bathroom. 


Whether you choose a natural stone, like granite or marble, or choose to go with a tile backsplash, adding a backsplash in your bathroom will increase the visual and functional appeal of your space. From Ubatuba Granite to Black Marquina Marble to Subway Tile, there are many great options that you have. The backsplash ideas provided in this guide can help you on your way to finding your ideal bathroom backsplash.

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