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Our kitchen cabinet visualizer is ideal for those in the beginning stages of planning a kitchen remodel. It allows you to try a multitude of countertop colors, materials, and brands.

At one point, homeowners contemplate whether the finish they already have is the finish or paint they’ll wish to keep. Our visualizer tool allows you to use a variety of virtual rooms so that you can create the layout that you once overlooked when you first installed your original kitchen cabinets. Choosing the type of cabinets depends entirely on the design of your cooking space. The pantry cabinets you have in your kitchen will help you determine the kind of finish and color you’re looking to replace your former cabinets with. For your specific kitchen decor to be picked out correctly, you’ll want to know the difference in all of the varieties of wood that is available to you.Choosing the Right WoodPoplar is very common and highly versatile material. It is not only affordable, but it’s also lightweight and carries the weighted benefit of being able to easily paint new coats over it. Maple is unilaterally standard and imparts a lighter color to your kitchen. The material is easy to paint or stain.Cherry is meant to be an ornamental material, it’s grained finely and attracts the eyes whether it’s stained or left natural. Oak is a material with dark and distinct grains, commonly used with the standard red oak and the customizable red oak. Depending on whether you want a ‘plain jane’ look or a ‘unique’ distinction, you can choose which of the oak material you’d best prefer.Hickory is a hardwood that is made to last. It’s durability issomething to keep in mind, and it brings the natural atmosphere into your home. Walnut is a stunning wood that maintains a certain richness to it. It’s the material for homeowners with larger spending budgets. Pecan is a wood with distinct grains. It’s a highly sought after material for having the smooth, textured look with a rustic, natural appearance.To Repaint, Refinish, Or RefaceOur virtual room painter can essentially repaint kitchen cabinets in visualizer space with different colors in mind. By visualizing your own kitchen through the virtual kitchen we have in our tool, you can revive the scratches and the dullness of your kitchen cabinetry. Take for example, our Passaic Kitchen room design. Through this virtual room, we can see the preset cabinets and change the finish, completely converting the room with a fresh appearance.In this virtual kitchen alone, there are about 24 different finishes with distinct styles that apply to the digital cabinets. It’s in a 360 degree view, so you can look at them from every available angle. The inner designer within you will probably want to customize and rearrange so many wonderful possibilities and blueprints for the renovation project of your dreams.Our design experts played around with the Passaic Kitchen virtual room and visualized these inspirations for any interested homeowners.Traditional

By changing the finish of your kitchen cabinets to Mahogany, you can see how the preset virtuality has become a newly-made design. Homeowners with traditional kitchens will realize that colors need to connect a more natural energy to maintain a similar atmosphere. We repainted the walls to Desert Sand, the stone of the countertop to Calacatta Oro, and the wood of the floor into Auburn Glaze. This way, you can recreatea rustic, traditional design.Modern If the design you’re seeking is more of a modern style, the virtual room you’ll want to refashion will be the Aurora Kitchen. Our designers visualized the lower cabinets into Stone Grey, and the upper cabinets into Silver Matte. The best choice for a modern style for this virtual kitchen was to change the wall paint into Ginger Sugar, island countertop into White Attica, and floor into Delaware Bay Driftwood.ContemporaryOut of its own definition, contemporary art is a style to represent the lifetime of the generation before you. Homeowners can interpret or translate this meaning in their own way but to do so, they’ll have to figure out the colors and styles that best reflect their own lifetime in a sense. Somewhat similar to the modern art style, homeowners deciding to adopt this style need the visualization of which variations best suit them.Our visualization experts messed around with this concept and began reorganizing the presets of the Laguna Kitchen Room. We used the visualizer tool to change the lacquer of the lower cabinets into Silver Cloud. The kitchen cabinets and the high cabinets received the same treatment, needing lighter colors to equate the lacquer. Resulting in a change in the wood veneer with Maple.When we changed the virtual space to resemble a contemporary style, we changed the flooring into Calacatta Extra, while changing the island countertop into a Light Pistachio. Comment down below to tell us what you think of our designs and try visualizing your virtual kitchen for your own home. You might enjoy and find a virtual design you haven’t seen before.