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Why Marble is Perfect for Dessert Lovers

by Marissa Sese

Posted on April 23, 2018 07:00:00 AM

Whether you’re a baking novice or enthusiast, marble countertops will work for your home both in a functional and aesthetic way. Cooks who work on marble countertops have the luxury of utilizing the material’s natural ability to maintain a cool and even temperature. Because of this, it makes marble the ideal surface for anyone that has a love for making desserts. Whether chocolate, pastries, or elaborate cakes are on the menu, marble counters in your kitchen are the absolute best solution for homeowners who are passionate about cooking.




Using Marble Counters for Baking


For centuries, many European kitchens have featured marble countertops for baking. The reason why is because marble, and granite countertops too, help to absorb the heat from the dough, thus helping it stay cool. It’s a common misconception that marble countertops themselves are simply cooler than other materials, but the truth is, marble is an extraordinary conductor of heat. Because of this, marble is perfect for absorbing the dough’s warmth, so the butter inside of it does not melt. If the butter were to melt, it would cause flakiness, making it much more difficult to roll out.

You can find marble cooking boards in all shapes and sizes, and we may even may able to fabricate a custom one for you at, however, why not just simply install marble countertops themselves, so the surface is always accessible? When chilled, a marble counter prevents dough from heating up and turning into a mess. Anyone that’s ever baked before understands how essential it is to keep your dough intact. 


Marble Countertops Care


Since marble is a natural stone it is porous in nature. Try to avoid placing harsh cleaning chemicals and acidic liquids, like wine, or lemon juice on marble counters to advert potential staining, however, daily cleaning and bi-annual sealing will be all it takes to retain the beauty and elegance of your marble countertops. Quite simply, marble can last a lifetime with just the help of some occasional maintenance.

As mentioned previously, granite countertops are also a great option when it comes to baking. Granite, similarly to marble, is an excellent conductor of heat and will effectively absorb the dough’s warmth just as the marble would. This is why granite can be used on a grill as a cooking surface.