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Where to Use Marble in Your Home

by Chris Rykaczewski

Posted on February 21, 2017 04:23:15 PM

Granite and marble are the two most recognizable stones for homeowners and interior designers, alike. Those who have previously purchased marble understand that while it is beautiful and elegant, it is more porous and delicate than granite. This isn’t a negative quality but one should be conscious of the areas in their home to use marble for. It best kept out of high traffic areas like the busy kitchens with active children. However, then the question that begs to be asked is: What areas are best for marble countertops?

Master Bathrooms

While marble is better left out of the family bathroom, it is often used in master bathrooms, which see less traffic, and is often designed for elegance as opposed to utility. Because of this, your marble vanity is much less likely to be chipped or cracked. A sophisticated marble vanity will complement an elegantly designed sink along with high-end sink-faucets and an elegant mirror.

Fireplace Surrounds

Because a fireplace is not usually located in busy areas, many people choose marble as opposed to other stone surfaces for their fireplace surrounds. A marble addition can turn a run-of-the-mill fireplace into a chic and stylish one. The addition of this stone in any color will make you feel like you are in a lavish mansion.

Dining Room Tables

Because a dining room is usually reserved for special occasions, the dining table is a perfect area for marble. The table will be a tastefully stylish and elegant centerpiece that will turn an ordinary dining room into the stunning center of attention of your home. It is important, however, to seal your marble dining room table using a product like Superior Zero Ultimate Stone Sealer . This will ensure that it won’t be damaged from potential spills during dinner.


For an elegant touch to your home bar, try adding a marble surface. It will be a great conversation piece and will have your guests swooning over its timeless beauty. With this addition, your home bar will probably outclass the local bar and will have your guests wanting to stay in instead of going out. Be sure to purchase an ample supply of protective coasters to protect the marble.

Accent Wall

A mounted marble slab will make a great accent wall for your living room or dining room. The wall will add beauty and liveliness to the entire room. Beyond being a great conversation piece, it will add class and refinement to your entire home. The accent wall may be further decorated with ornaments or pictures to reflect the homeowner’s character. Or it may contain a simple design or pattern.

Marble Floor

While usually only reserved for the rich and famous, a marble floor in a low traffic area can be the epitome of class and sophistication. Marble floors can come with intricate designs such as checkered or hexagon mosaic; or as a simple single color such as a White Carrara marble floor.

Dresser Top/Makeup Table

Installing a marble makeup table is an affordable option for those homeowners not wanting to spend a lot of money, but still wants to have some marble pieces to call their own. A dresser top can be the same color as it, or it can be a complementary color to have the marble stand out a little. It will add luxury to your bedroom and will make you feel luxurious for a reasonable price.