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Ways to Add Luxury to Your Kitchen with Marble

by Ann Kent

Posted on August 26, 2017 07:00:00 AM

Marble is without a doubt the most luxurious stone that you can incorporate into your kitchen. Its beauty adds a level of dimension and depth to a kitchen that cannot be matched by other stones. While we might all love to have a kitchen filled with marble, it is not always practical. Marble is a soft stone that stains easily when exposed to any acids. Wine, vinegar or lemon juice will damage the stone, causing etch marks. Marble must be sealed up to 4 times a year, making it a high maintenance stone that does not always work for high traffic kitchens with children. Whether you incorporate marble as your kitchen countertops or as an accent piece, there are many ways to add it to your kitchen.




Marble Baking Station


Since marble requires so much care, many homeowners reserve marble for accent pieces within their kitchens such as a marble baking station. Marble is one of the best surfaces for baking because it stays cool and smooth. It is a traditional baking surface that has been used for centuries because it absorbs the heat from the dough being rolled on it, keeping it cool. Marble has a high thermal mass so it can maintain its temperature much better than other materials. You can roll out a pastry dough or knead bread directly on a marble stone without worrying about warming the dough and jeopardizing its texture. Many chefs add a small baking area in their kitchen that is reserved strictly for baking. You will not to worry about the wear and tear that your higher traffic areas of the kitchen receive within these areas.



Marble Pastry Board


If adding a permanent marble baking station is not accessible to you, the addition of a marble pastry board along with a marble rolling pin will be a great way to add marble to your kitchen. A bright and beautiful marble pastry board can remain on the counter as an accent piece or it can be stored away. You can even chill your marble pastry board in the refrigerator before baking to keep it extra cool. The best thing about a marble pastry board is that it is extremely affordable.


Marble Backsplash


While it is not traditionally thought of as a backsplash tile, adding a marble backsplash to your kitchen adds another level of depth and beauty to a kitchen. You can either run the same marble up a wall to create a unified surface from countertop to backsplash or select a complementary tile.


Marble Shelving


Marble can also be cut into shelves for use in display cabinetry within a kitchen. It can also be used in a small accent table. Adding marble shelves or small table provides an interesting design element to a kitchen that will be sure to catch your guests’ eyes.


There are many creative ways to add a marble to your kitchen, and even the smallest addition of marble like a marble salt shaker will be sure to add to the overall beauty and feel of your kitchen.