Mr. Stone: One-Stop-Shop for all of your fabricating needs

by Ann Kent

Updated on June 26, 2019 08:53:31 AM

So you have joined SlabMarket and purchased all the stones you need for your natural stone countertop installation business. But, what about the appliances, accessories and products you need for installing and finishing these stones? We introduce you to Mr.Stone.

Mr. Stone is a one-stop shop for any materials that you will need for your countertop business. They specialize in diamond tools for stone fabrication but sell all of the countertop supplies from core bits to handling equipment. All of their diamond tools are manufactured in South Korea and are built to last. Their blades will last longer with softer stones like marble than harder, more durable stones like granite or quartzite. They also sell both dry and wet blades.

Every tool that you will need for your countertop fabrication store can be found on They offer a range of cutting, polishing, power tools, and grinding tools as well as abrasives, adhesives and handling equipment. The long-standing relationships that they have with their clients are solidified by their consistent delivery of quality parts and equipment. All tools sold on are covered by a factory warranty from the manufacturer.

Mr. Stone offers CNC finger bits, bits specifically designed for granite and marble and all construction bits. In addition, they sell a wide range of tools specifically designed for stone cutting, polishing and grinding as well as all of the necessary handling equipment and installation equipment.

Mr. Stone supplies a full line of safety equipment. Whether you are looking for back support straps, dust masks, gloves, waterproof jackets, boots, or pants, they have the safety items that you need at a dependable price.

Fabricators routinely turn to Mr. Stone for supplies because they are a one-stop shop and you can source all of your supplies through them. On top of that, they even have sinks, faucets, and toilets if your company is a full contracting shop. The quality of the tools and equipment we sell is hard to match in the current market.

Below please find a full list of all of our available items for granite and marble fabrication:


  • economy core bits
  • finger bits
  • premium construction core bits
  • premium core bits
  • premium core bits with protection
  • super premium construction core bits
  • vacuumed braised core bits

Cutting Tools

  • Bridge Saw Blade
  • Construction Blades
  • Granite Blades
  • Marble Blades
  • Tile and Porcelain Blades

Polishing Tools

Router bits for all types of edging

Grinding Tools

Power Tools


Handling Equipment

  • Deck carts
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Dry wall carts

Installation and Templating Equipment

  • Steel rods
  • Fiberglass rolls


Safety Equipment


So, if you are in the natural stone industry, you will find this retailer helpful and full of all the necessities when it comes to stone installations. You can get your slabs from us, Slabmarket, then head on ever to Mr.Stone for everything else you need for your business.

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Originally posted on November 15, 2017 07:00:00 AM


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