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Kitchen of the Week: Colors and Textures!

by Ginger Perales

Posted on September 13, 2017 12:00:00 PM

Texture and color add depth as well as interest to kitchen designs. Gone are the days of matching everything from the kitchen countertops to the floor tile to one finish or one color palette. Here’s how some materials add texture to a room:



•    Stone - Smooth or tumbled surfaces offers visual interest from colors and pattern


•    Wood - Smooth finishes offer depth and visual interest from the wood grain: maple finishes offer a clean less grainy look, while cherry provides more grain, and pine and oak show the most texture.


•    Stainless steel - Visually smooth and sleek.


•    Tile - Unglazed tile offers rougher texture, while glazed provides a smooth texture. Visually interest is determined by the size and pattern.


•    Architectural details - Both visual and tactile texture can come from materials like leather, polished quartzite, and honed granite.


Here are a few ideas on how to add texture to your kitchen:


Mix it Up


There is a wide array of natural and manufactured materials you can incorporate into your kitchen design, for example, wood, metal, natural stone, and glass. Using a combination of materials will give your kitchen an immediate “surface lift." Our kitchen of the week is an excellent texture-rich example.



The Classic White quartzite island countertops, the Absolute Black honed granite kitchen countertops, and the natural wood dining table bring three different textures into the same room by themselves and look amazing. 




The red leather barstools with black bases situated around the quartzite island are tied into the room by the red knobs on the appliances and the red candles on the table, while the natural hardwood chairs at the table blend with the cabinetry beneath the island. This kitchen shows a nice medley of colors and textures.





Even the droplights are different, defining the way various spaces are used.




The glass tile backsplash brings another texture to the space with tiles that are smooth and shiny, just like the appliances it sits above, but opposite the honed, matte finish of the Absolute Black granite countertop. The use of smaller tiles creates depth and the colorful accents including red, and lime green tie in other elements and textures.





Anytime you add a naturally grained element you gain instant textural appeal. These natural wood finished floors are a more dramatic example of this. They stand out bringing a warm and welcoming vibe to the space.


Details, details


By details, we mean the legs and feet, fluting and other eye-catching trim pieces that can add dimension and depth to your kitchen. Notice the shorter island section, not only a different style, they’re a different color as well!





Also, notice the wall color and how it also ties into the room through different accents and the paint underneath the windows. The cabinets are white, dark wood finished and gray, depending on where you stand in the kitchen! The appliances are both stainless steel and integrated. Yet, for all the variation, there are few primary colors used in the room, they’re just used really imaginatively.


To summarize, today’s kitchen is a melting pot of functionality and appearance. Every homeowner wants the kitchen to be the most welcoming room of the house and a true representation of its occupants. Textures and colors bring a warmth and depth that makes this space the gathering spot for the entire family. No longer just the room where food is prepared, it’s now the room where food, family, and friends are enjoyed.