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How Kitchen Countertops Went From Wood to Granite

by Patricia Eden

Posted on November 24, 2017 07:00:00 AM

These picturesque examples of outdated kitchen styles definitely met their fairy Godmothers. And thank goodness for that!


Historic Kitchen Countertops



Let’s take a short trip back in time. It’s quite impressive how kitchen designs have evolved over a handful of decades. Take a look at what details completed a 19th-century kitchen aesthetic. For starters, features were pretty limited back then. Granite countertops weren’t even on the pallet. In reality, kitchen countertops were primarily crafted from steel, plastic laminate, tile, and wood. Yes, wood countertops were used to prepare raw foods. Ultimately, ingredients were chopped, ground, kneaded and sliced on top of the wood counters. First of all, mini ecosystems, chock full of bacteria, flourished all over those kitchen countertops.

On a positive note, the kitchen design industry has come a long way due to creative engineering. Although not so popular in the 21st century, these classic materials are in fact still available. In addition to the traditional surfaces, there’s a grand assortment of modern stones to meet your kitchen design needs.


Granite Customizes the Heart of Your Home



One stone requested often for kitchen countertops is Granite. Likewise, Granite countertops are commonly a homeowner’s first choice. And, can be attributed to Granite’s strength, porosity, and reputation for its long life. For example, your kitchen is the most popular space in your home. Some would even agree that it’s the heart of a home - where 99% of all the magic happens. Such as, meal prepping, homework sessions, think tank discussions, floral arrangement presentation, grocery bag landing, dish stacking, family gatherings, a coffee nook, and so much more.

With a kitchen having the highest traffic, it’s no surprise that families have been upgrading this space every five to ten years. Granite countertops are a crucial piece, physically and visually, responsible for tying the entire kitchen together. If your goal is to blend elegance with functionality, then Granite countertops are an excellent choice. Specifically, because Granite is virtually stain resistant and scratch proof. It’s no wonder why Granite makes such a smart buy. 


Dreamy Astoria Granite Slabs



The Earth’s natural stone colors vary from material to material. When shopping for your new Granite countertops take your time selecting a few of your favorite stone colors. One of our most popular Granite colors is Astoria Granite. Overall, Astoria Granite blends its mild movement with small black speckles on a light Kashmir stone color backdrop. When you purchase your new kitchen design investment from Marble you will get your slab cut to precision. And you will only be charged for the stone that you use, however, if you would like to purchase the remnants that is up to you.

They prepare all Granite slabs by cutting it to your specifications. And, you only pay for the cut piece. But numerous customers value their remnants and want to keep them too. Either way, your satisfaction is a top priority and we will be sure to meet all of your needs.