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Five Ideas to Create a Minimalist Look in Your Kitchen

by Patricia Hughes

Posted on June 22, 2018 09:22:51 AM

The philosophy of minimalism extends well beyond the color of your kitchen or how many things you have in there. The concept is about eliminating the excess stuff that can weigh you down and making a conscious effort to simplify your life. Beyond aesthetics, decluttering the kitchen and implementing minimalist principles in your interior design decisions helps to create a calmer and more relaxing environment for you and your family. There are a few steps you can take to create your minimalist kitchen.

Declutter the Kitchen

Decluttering is the starting point and ultimate goal of a minimalist kitchen. The average home simply contains too much stuff. Do you really need a dozen knives, three sets of dishes, and 20 coffee mugs? Go through the pantry, drawers, and kitchen cabinets with a practical eye. Take an inventory of your possessions, and get rid of everything you don’t use.


Declutter you kitchen for that minimalist look


Prioritize what is most important in your life. When determining what items to keep, consider the tools and supplies that add to your life and make it easier. How do you spend your time in the kitchen? If you cook large meals or bake frequently, you need the right tools to get the job done and avoid frustration. Once you know what you most want to keep, it is easier to eliminate the items that are not serving a function.

Appliances on the countertops make a kitchen look cluttered and messy. Take out all your small kitchen appliances and gadgets, so you can see how many you actually own. You may be surprised at the number. Throw away any that are no longer working and donate the ones that you rarely use. When only the appliances that you actually use remain, consider storing them in the cabinet. Leave one or two frequently used appliances on the counter, such as a coffee maker or blender, if you make coffee or smoothies every morning.

Tips for Kitchen Organization

After you have eliminated the excess clutter from your kitchen, you will need to organize what you have left. A well-organized kitchen makes cooking a more pleasant experience because you won’t waste time looking for misplaced gadgets and end up frustrated and stressed. Organize your kitchen cabinets and drawers, so that everything is easy to find. Use drawer organizers and bins to keep things neat. Clear organizers are helpful because you can see what is inside.

A common problem in many homes is dumping everything on the kitchen counter when we walk in the door. The mail, keys, papers that need to be filled out and returned to your child’s school, and a myriad of other items collected on the kitchen countertops, causing clutter and chaos. It takes an effort to break this habit, but creating a permanent home for the items that tend to collect on your countertop is a good place to start.

Choosing Your Color Palette

White or light neutral colors are most commonly used in the minimalist design. Consider neutral colors for paint, cabinets, flooring, countertops, and decorative accessories. This does not mean that everything must be white or you can’t use color at all. You may want to use primarily neutral colors, but bring a bit of color into space. You can do this with one bold accent wall, the color of the countertop, or with pops of color in accessories.

Natural stone, such as marble, quartzite, and granite countertops contribute to the clean and simple, yet sophisticated look of a modern minimalist kitchen. White colored marble or light granite colors are a good choice for minimalist kitchen design, such as White Carrara marble, Calacatta Gold marble, or Super White quartzite. The natural stone industry offers many types of stone in light stone colors that work well with this design style.

In addition to stone colors, you should consider your lifestyle to select the best type of stone for your kitchen. For many people, there is no substitute for a gorgeous veiny white colored marble, such as Calacatta Gold marble or White Carrara marble. If you cook often and are concerned about frequent spills, quartzite and granite countertops provide the durability you may need. There are light granite colors and types of quartzite that mimic the look of marble, but offer greater durability, such as Super White quartzite. Visiting the slab yard in person allows you see full slab options and select the right slab for your kitchen countertops.


Keep appliances hidden in your cabinets and off your countertops

Decorative Objects

Although much of the focus of minimalist design is on decluttering and organizing, this is a design style and your kitchen can be minimalist and stylish. You can decorate your kitchen without overdoing it. Think simplicity when selecting objects to display in your kitchen and avoid using too many decorative items, or the room will look cluttered again. The room does not need to look sterile and cold. You can create a kitchen that is warm and welcoming while being simple, clean, and functional.

Carefully and intentionally choose the objects you display in your kitchen. Simple jars of ingredients, cutting boards, cookbooks, and bowls of fruit can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Fresh flowers in a simple vase and green plants are often used to enhance rooms decorated in this style.

Keep Up with It

If you want to maintain the clean and uncluttered look in your new kitchen, you need to remain focused on the goal of simplifying your life. Clutter has a way of sneaking back into our lives. Getting rid of the clutter is a big job, so staying on top of it can prevent clutter from encroaching on your life again. This will require a commitment to regularly evaluating the items in your kitchen and discarding any that do not serve a purpose.

To maintain the clean and simple look of your new kitchen, wash the dishes as soon as the meal is finished. Resist the temptation to drop everything on the counter at the end of a tiring day and just walk away. The small efforts you make daily to keep things in their place will pay off in a clean, attractive kitchen where you can relax and enjoy gatherings with family and close friends.