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Design Tips: Contrasting and Complementary Colors

by Daniel Morrell

Posted on November 14, 2018 04:07:00 PM

If you’re looking to make a fashionable statement in your home's interior design, there’s no better, or easier way to do so, than with granite countertops from With over 2,000 colors of stone in stock, you are sure to find one that’s perfect for your kitchen, but making the choice to either complement or contrast your countertops can make all the difference.

The Versatility of Granite Countertops

Granite is a highly durable natural stone with unique aesthetic qualities in every slab, which makes it a stylish and practical addition to any home. A specific luxury that granite offers is its vast range of colors. Whether you're looking for a neutral shade or something more vibrant for your kitchen countertops, granite is the natural stone that offers the most variety when it comes to color. Of course, quartz countertops can be produced in any color because they are engineered, but you'll then miss out on the gorgeous natural aesthetic of granite kitchen countertops.

Before we dive into design, let’s start with some helpful granite design facts. All of the different colors of granite countertops can be broken down into three main categories: “Black/White/Grey,” like Ubatuba or Oxford White, “Beige/Tan/Brown,” such as Giallo Napoleone or Santa Cecilia, and vibrant colors, like Red Dragon or Van Gogh. Knowing these categories will help you save time when looking for the best slab of granite for your project.

Contrasting and Complementary Kitchen Countertops

If you want a smooth and clean look for your kitchen, complementing your cabinets with similar colored countertops is your best bet. This is style very common in modern interior design if that is the style that you're going for. For example, a kitchen can feature light cabinets topped with Gold Antique Granite or another granite kitchen countertop option that has a slight veiny pattern but is predominantly white. When setting atop the white cabinets, the result is a beautifully smooth and inviting kitchen. This is a great look for those with small kitchens. Using a light colored kitchen countertop will help space appear larger.

However, if you're not lacking space or natural light, pairing brown complimentary colors will also work nicely. Using a stone like Santa Cecilia with cherry cabinets will produce a warm aesthetic that could work well in a spacious kitchen. The same will work for black cabinets and countertops too, although you'll want to be sure to add some light colors in there like a white subway tile backsplash or marble tile floor.

To create a more diverse and exciting look, you may want to go for more contrast. By creating a juxtaposition with your cabinets and countertops, it will result in a stunning kitchen when done properly. Pairing a light granite kitchen countertop with darker cabinets like an Oro Brazil granite with maple cabinets will achieve this look nicely. Doing the same with black and white cabinets and kitchen countertops is also effective and commonly seen in modern kitchen designs.

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